About Us

Our History

Amino Ave was founded in March 2023 by Cameron Wong and Jenna Wu. Cameron, with over five years of experience in the boba industry, and Jenna, a dedicated personal trainer, combined their expertise to tackle a critical question: Why should health-conscious choices mean sacrificing taste?

Driven by this vision, they established Amino Ave to revolutionize the world of healthy eating and drinking. The company specializes in crafting low-sugar, low-calorie boba drinks and high-protein, low-calorie foods and snacks. Cameron and Jenna's unwavering passion for health and flavor fuels their commitment to innovation and quality.

At Amino Ave, they believe that enjoying your favorite treats should never come with the sacrifice of taste. They are dedicated to bringing exciting, nutritious options to the market, ensuring that healthy living is both delicious and accessible. Cameron and Jenna are on a mission to prove that health-conscious choices can be truly enjoyable.

Our Mission

Amino Ave was founded by Cameron and Jenna with a clear mission: to make healthy living enjoyable without sacrificing your favorite foods and drinks. We came together to solve the simple issue that health-conscious choices should still be delicious. Through dedication and innovation, we've developed a range of health-conscious boba drinks and foods that allow people to enjoy their beloved treats without sacrificing their health.

Our Vision

Our vision at Amino Ave is to revolutionize the way people think about healthy eating and drinking. We aim to create a world where nutritious options are not only accessible but also enjoyable, making it easy for everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste. By continually innovating and refining our recipes, we strive to set new standards in the food and beverage industry, proving that health-conscious choices can be delicious and satisfying. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and empower individuals to make healthier choices every day, one bite and sip at a time.